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Have A Family Home Evening

“We have a family home evening program once a week [Monday night] across the Church in which parents sit down with their children. They study the scriptures. They talk about family problems. They plan family activities and things of that kind. I don’t hesitate to say if every family in the world practiced that one thing, you’d see a very great difference in the solidarity of the families of the world.” ---Gordon B Hinckley

My family meets for FHE every Monday night. We try not to get too elaborate or it feels overwhelming. Here is a quick outline of what we do. We rotate who does what each week:

Opening Song. Someone picks a song and we sing it together. It's usually a children's song from church or a hymn.Opening Prayer. Someone says an opening prayer asking Heavenly Father to help us have a nice time and that we will feel His Spirit.Family Business. We talk about what is coming up this week so we all know what's going on and who needs to be where.Lesson. Someone presents…