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Clean Families

Parent Resources, Reports, and Articles

The Power of Moms - A gathering place for deliberate mothers.

5 Ways for Parents to Teach Kids About Positive Values, Personal Integrity & Social Responsibility

How to Talk to Little Girls - article about cutting back the cute talk and stepping up thoughtful talk.

Abuse, Getting Help - With victims of domestic violence becoming more common, it is important to recognize the problem.

Cell Phones for Kids by - A 12 page booklet titled, "Sex and Cell Phones: Protect Your Children." Pages 10 and 11 compare five cell phone providers parental control options and features. I'm not sure how current this is. - a non-religious, non-political organization dedicated to educating about the affects of pornography and how it becomes an addiction.

Norton Online Family Report  - Sixteen page booklet offers advice and guidance for parents in connecting with what their kids are doing online. Games, music, and videos are key activities which may expose children to inappropriate content. - How to talk to your kids about porn.

Fun Time Together

Make a Difference - 100 ways your family can make a difference. - activities and information geared toward making the most of a grandparent's influence.

Family Fun - Crafts, Activities, Recipes, and fun seasonal ideas for families.

Reunion Planning - All you need to know about family reunions

Online Safety

Disney Internet Safety - Short videos for parents with tips for teaching kids how to be safe online.

Norton Online Family Software - I haven't tried this one, but the video on this link looks like it would be very helpful for parents. And it's free.

Net Nanny Parental Controls - This is the filter we use at our house. I really like it, even though it can be annoying to get constant pop-up boxes blocking things. But that means it's doing its job!

Safeguarding Children Online by A list of tips for parents

Blogs - Their mission statement: This blog is about protecting children online. "NetClean writes about the subject and invite experts to comment on news on the topic from their perspectives trying to give a different angle."


Clean - Their mission statement: "Our primary purpose is to provide a service through which friends like you can book a room for your vacation, business trip or meeting with the expectation, first, that you and your family or associates will not be exposed to pornographic movies and, secondly, that you will be supporting a facility that cares enough about the well being of its customers not to make harmful pornographic movies available."

Last Updated: 6/6/11

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