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Autism Friendly Denny's

Here's a great story from KPBS about a Denny's store manager in Del Mar California that set up an autism friendly section in his restaurant. I've been able to spend time with several autistic preschoolers and they are wonderful, although they can be a handful. I was so happy to see this option offered for families who often don't get much time out with their sometimes disruptive children. Manager, Robert Stange explains his motivation:
“I had seen a news segment about a restaurant in New York that had a night set aside for children with autism and their families, and I just thought that was a really great idea” explained Stange. On January 23, 2011, Denny’s in Del Mar became the first and so far only restaurant in the county to designate a part of their restaurant to autism-friendly dining.“I’m really into social responsibility and giving back. I think everybody should try and do a little more to help each other out. This is one way that our place is trying to do more,”…

True Beauty

One-piece enough for Miss Idaho: Kylie Kofoed, Miss Idaho 2010 and a 19-year-old BYU sophomore, made a choice that set her apart in the beauty pageant industry: wearing a one-piece swimsuit in the recent Miss America Pageant.
Kylie Kofoed chose to be the only contestant to wear a one-piece swimsuit for the competition. I'm grateful for her brave example to young women. I love how she says in her interview with The Daily Universe that holding to your standards gains the respect of others: Being under the microscope, Kofoed said she wanted to emphasize to people everywhere the importance of holding fast to values and beliefs which they know to be true even in the heat of the moment.“LDS or not, it’s not worth compromising your standards,” she said. “People will respect you for not conforming to the world. Just be yourself.”

I'm Gonna Like Me

I'm Gonna Like Me: Letting Off A Little Self-Esteem by Jamie Lee Curtis
I love this upbeat picture book! It's a great one to read with little ones, and even the big ones like it. There are lively illustrations, and it shows kids that it's ok to like themselves even when they make mistakes or don't quite fit in. There's also a helpful PDF for teachers that parents can use to reinforce the message of the book. And here's a mini printable version you can have them fill out about themselves. Have fun!
Rating: Squeaky

Listening, Learning, Loving

I really enjoyed this article, Parents and Children: Listening, Learning, and Loving, by M. Russell Ballard. He gives common sense advice to both youth and parents. Following is a very brief summary. However, I encourage you to read the article because there is a lot of great stuff not included here!

Sons & Daughters
1. Trust your parents.
2. Take an interest in your parents’ life.
3. Ask your parents for advice.

1. Listen to your children—really listen to them.
2. Pray with and for your children.
3. Dare to have the “big talks” with your children.

...the home is the most important place to prepare the youth of today to lead the families and the Church of tomorrow. It rests upon each one of us as mothers and fathers to do all we can to prepare our youth to be faithful, righteous men and women. It is in the home where we must teach the gospel by precept and by example. -M.R. Ballard